Vol.2,2023 of IJMC is released Today

The Volume 2,2023 of IJMC is released TODAY

The Vol.2,2023 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics (ISSN 1937-1055) is released Today. The reader can be found this issue with papers in www.mathcombin.com, also the webpage  http://fs.unm.edu/IJMC/Articles.htm . There are 10 papers published in this volume following:

Paper 1. Fixed Point Theorems for Contractive Type Conditions in Complex Valued S-Metric Spaces, weak compatibility, contractive type condition, complex valued S-metric space


Paper 2. The Core of Second Smarandache Bol Loops


Paper 3. Trees with Large Roman Domination Number, Smarandache-Roman k-dominating function


Paper 4. M-Polynomials and Degree-Based Topological Indices, cycle-star graph, line graph


Paper 5. Smarandachely total mean cordial labeling, middle graph, total graph


Paper 6. Smarandachely signed graph, signed graphs, full signed graph, full line Signed graph, full block signed graph


Paper 7. Smarandachely pair difference cordial labeling, pair difference cordial labeling, tree, star, cube, Y-tree, W-tree


Paper 8. Smarandachely H product-irregular labeling, product-irregular labeling, block graph, cycle-star graph, sunlet graph


Paper 9. Smarandachely cube sum H labeling, cube sum graph, Fermat’s Last Theorem.


Paper 10. An Atlas of Roman Domination Polynomials of Graphs of Order at Most 6.

The readers can be found download freely this issue with papers from www.mathcombin.com or  http://fs.unm.edu/IJMC/Articles.htm .

Academy of Mathematical Combinatorics & Applications (AMCA, USA)

July 8,2023