Vol.1,2023 of International J. Mathematical Combinatorics is Released

Vol.1,2023 of International J. Mathematical Combinatorics is Released


The Volume 1, 2023 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics (ISSN 1937-1055)  is released in April 10, 2023 and there are 11 papers published in this issue which are listed in the following:

1. Grassmannians in the lattice points of dilations of the standard simplex By Praise Adeyemo, an interesting paper on combinatorial geometry.


2.Some new Ramanujan type series for 1/π  By Vijaya Shankar A. I. , a classical topic on Ramanujan series.


3.Some generalized inequalities for functions of bounded variation involving weighted area balance functions By Hüseyin Budak, a paper on the inequalities for functions.


4. Monophonic graphoidal covering number of corona product graph of some standard graphs with the wheel P. Titus, S. Santha Kumari and M. Sambasivam, a paper on monophonic graphoidal covering.


5.On skew Randic sum eccentricity energy of digraphs By H. E. Ravi , a paper on skew Randic sum eccentricity energy which characterizes the non-homogeneity of vertices on a graph by eccentricity.


6.Note on full signed graphs and full Line signed graphs By Swamy, P. Khaled A. A. Alloush, a paper on full signed graphs with full line signed graphs on switching equivalent characterizing.


7. On Nano λψg-Irresolute Functions in Nano topological spaces By N.R.Santhi Maheswari and P.Subbulakshmi, a paper on Nano topological spaces.


8. Bounds of the radio number of stacked-book graph with odd paths By Tayo Charles Adefokun and Deborah Olayide Ajayi , a paper on radio labeling of stacked-book graph.


9.On Laplacian of skew-quotient of Randic and sum-connectivity energy of digraphs By Puttaswamy and R. Poojitha, a paper on digraph which characterizes the vertices on a digraph by directed distance.


10. On line-block signed graphs By Swamy, K. V. Madhusudhan and Khaled A. A. Alloush, a paper on line-block signed graphs and presented some switching equivalent characterizations.


11. Pair difference cordial labeling of subdivision of wheel and comb graphs By R. Ponraj, A. Gayathri and M. Sivakumar, a paper on pair difference cordial labeling of graphs.

      All of these papers can be download freely from the column

https://www.mathcombin.com/International J.Math.Combin.

in the website of Academy of  Mathematical Combinatorics & Applications, and also  http://fs.unm.edu/IJMC/Articles.htm  in the New Mexico University.