Vol.1,2017 of IJMC is Released Today

 Today, the Vol.1,2017 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics, which is an international journal on mathematical combinatorics is released. In this volume, there are 13 papers published. Their tittles are listed in the following:


Paper 1: Special Smarandache Curves According to Bishop Frame in Euclidean
Spacetime By E. M. Solouma and M. M. Wageeda

Paper 2: Spectra and Energy of Signed Graphs By Nutan G. Nayak

Paper 3: On Transformation and Summation Formulas for Some Basic
Hypergeometric Series By D.D.Somashekara, S.L.Shalini and K.N.Vidya

Paper 4; Some New Generalizations of the Lucas Sequence By F¨ugen TORUNBALCI AYDIN and Salim Y¨ UCE

Paper 5: Fixed Point Results Under Generalized Contraction Involving
Rational Expression in Complex Valued Metric Spaces By G. S. Saluja

Paper 6: A Study on Cayley Graphs over Dihedral Groups By A.Riyas and K.Geetha

Paper 7: On the Second Order Mannheim Partner Curve in E3  By S¸eyda Kılı¸co˘glu and S¨uleyman S¸enyurt

Paper 8: The β-Change of Special Finsler Spaces By H.S.Shukla, O.P.Pandey and Khageshwar Manda

Paper 9: Peripheral Distance Energy of Graphs  By Kishori P. Narayankar and Lokesh S. B.

paper 10: Some Properties of a h-Randers Finsler Space By V.K.Chaubey, Arunima Mishra and A.K.Pandey

Paper 11: Pure Edge-Neighbor-Integrity of Graphs By Sultan Senan Mahde and Veena Mathad

Paper 12: Bounds for the Largest Color Eigenvalue and the Color Energy By M.A.Sriraj

Paper 13: A Note on Acyclic Coloring of Sunlet Graph Families By Kowsalya.V and Vernold Vivin.J


The reader can find the full text of each paper on


http://www.mathcombin.com/International J.Math.Combin.