Vol.2,2019 of International J.Math.Combin. is RELEASED TODAY

 The volume 2 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics (ISSN 1937-1055) is relased

in USA today. There are 12 papers published in this issue listed in the following:

  1. Computing Zagreb Polynomials of Generalized xyz-Point-Line Transformation Graphs $T^{xyz}(G)$ With z = − ,   By B. Basavanagoud and Anand P. Barangi

  2. On (j,m) Symmetric Convex Harmonic Functions,  By R.Devi K, Ha.Shamsan and S. Latha

  3. On M-Projective Curvature Tensor of a (LCS)n-Manifold, By Divyashree G. and Venkatesha

  4. D-homothetic Deformations of Lorentzian Para-Sasakian Manifold, By Barnali Laha

  5. Position Vectors of the Curves in Affine 3-Space According to Special Affine Frames, By Yılmaz TUNCER

  6. A Generalization of Some Integral Inequalities for Multiplicatively P-Functions, By Huriye Kadakal

  7. C-Geometric Mean Labeling of Some Cycle Related Graphs, By A.Durai Baskar and S.Arockiaraj

  8. Neighbourhood V4-Magic Labeling of Some Shadow Graphs, By Vineesh K.P. and Anil Kumar V.

  9. Open Packing Number of Triangular Snakes, By S.K.Vaidya and A.D.Parmar

  10. Second Status Connectivity Indices and its Coindices of Composite Graphs
    By K.Pattabiraman and A.Santhakumar

  11. A Note on Detour Radial Signed Graphs, By K. V. Madhusudhan and S. Vijay

  12. A Note on 3-Remainder Cordial Labeling Graphs, By R.Ponraj, K.Annathurai and R.Kala

     All these papers in this issue can be completely download in the website:www.mathcombin.com

of the Academy of Mathematical Combinatorics & Applications freely.