The Vol.1,2021 of IJMC is released Today

The first issue of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics (ISSN 1937-1055) is released today, which includes 9 papers following in this publication:

1.PBIB-Designs and Association Schemes from Minimum Neighborhood Sets of  Certain Jump Sizes of Circulant Graphs  by B. Chaluvaraju, Vidya T. and Shaikh Ameer Basha

2.Different Solution Method for Fuzzy Boundary Value Problem with Fuzzy Parameter by Tahir Ceylan and N\.{i}hat Altini\c{s}ik

3.Neighbourly and Highly Irregular Neutrosophic Fuzzy Graphs by S. Sivabala and N.R. Santhi Maheswari

4.The Modular Nilpotent Group  $ M_{p^n}\times C_p$  for  $  p > 2$ by S. A. Adebisi and M. EniOluwafe

5.On Isomorphism Theorems of Torian Algebras  by Ilojide Emmanuel

6. A Study on Neighbourly Pseudo Irregular Neutrosophic Bipolar Fuzzy Graph by N.R.Santhi Maheswari and D.Subburaj

7.The Doubly Connected Hub Number of Graph by Ali Mohammed Sahal

8.Graphs with Large Semitotal Domination Number by C.Sivagnanam

9.Degree Affinity Number of Graphs by  J. Kok

All these papers are released in the website of Academy of Mathematical Combinatorics & Applications now.