Vol.3,2020 of International J.Math.Combin is released

The Vol.3,2020 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics is released., which is an international journal on mathematical combinatorics, a subject that applying combinatorial notion to all mathematics and all sciences for understanding the reality of things in the universe. In this issue, there 9 published papers listed following:

1. Surfaces using Smarandache Asymptotic Curves in Galilean Space By Mustafa Altin and Zuhal Kucukarslan Yuzbas

2. On n-Polynomial P-Function and Related Inequalities By Imdat  Iscan and Mahir Kadakal 

3. Number of Spanning Trees of Some of the Families of Sequence Graphs Generated by Triangle Graph By S.N. Daoud and Wedad Saleh

4. CR-Sub-Manifolds of (epsilon; delta)-Trans-Sasakian Manifolds Admitting Generalized

Symmetric Metric Connection By N. Pavani, G. Somashekhara, Shivaprasanna G.S. and Gangadharaiah Y.H  

5. A Proof of Reciprocity Theorem by Use of Loop Integrals By D. D. Somashekara and Thulasi.M.B 

6. On Skew-Quotient of Randic and Sum-Connectivity Energy of Digraphs By Puttaswamy and R.Poojitha 

7. On the Modular Graphic Family of a Graph  By J. Kok 

8. Algorithm for M modulo N Graceful Labeling of Ladder and Subdivision of Ladder Graphs  By C.Velmurugan and V.Ramachandran 

9. On the p-Groups of the Algebraic Structure of D_{2n}\times C_8   By S. A. Adebisi, M. Ogiugo and M. Enioluwafe .