The Vol.3,2019 of IJMC is released TODAY

 The Vol.3,2019 of IJMC is released TODAY

The International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics (ISSN 1937-1055) is released today. There are 12 papers on differential geometry, rings and graphs on rings,fuzzy topology, polynomials on graphs, graph labelings publsihed in this issue.

The tittles of papers published in this issue are listed following:

Paper 1. On the Involute \~{D}-scroll in Euclidean 3-Space;

Paper 2. On Prime Graph $PG_2(R)$ of a Ring;

Paper 3. Non-Holonomic Frame for a Finsler Space with Some Special (α, β)-Metric;

Paper 4. R1 Concepts in Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces with Quasi-Coincidence Sense;

Paper 5. Separations Axioms (T1) on Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces in Quasi-
Coincidence Sense;

Paper 6. On Radicals for Ternary Semirings;

Paper 7. Computation of Misbalance Type Degree Indices of Certain Classes of Derived-
Regular Graph;

Paper 8. Reciprocal Transmission Hosoya Polynomial of Graphs;

Paper 9. Generalized Common Neighbor Polynomial of Graphs;

Paper 10. On Status Coindex Distance Sum and Status Connectivity Coindices of

Paper 11. Some Results on 4-Total Prime Cordial Graphs;

Paper 12. Super F-Centroidal Mean Graphs.