The Vol.4, 2018 of IJMC is released Today

 The Vol.4, 2018 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics is released today. In this Issue, there are 12 papers published:


  1. A Combinatorial Approach for the Spanning Tree Entropy in Complex Network By E.M.Badr

and B. Mohamed

  2. On Isomorphism Theorems of Neutrosophic R-Modules  By M. E. Otene, A. D. Akwu and O. Oyewumi

  3. On 1RJ Moves in Cartesian Product Graphs  By O. Oyewumi and A. D. Akwu
  4. Characteristic Properties of the Indicatrix Under a Kropina Change of Finsler Metric By Gauree Shanker
  5. Neighbourly Pseudo Irregular Fuzzy Graphs  By N.R.Santhi Maheswari and V.Jeyapratha
  6. Spectra of a New Join in Duplication Graph   By K.Reji Kumar and Renny P. Varghese

  7. The Gourava Index of Four Operations on Graphs By V. R. Kulli, V. Lokesha, Sushmitha Jain and Manjunath. M

  8. Strongly 2-Multiplicative Graphs  By D.D.Somashekara, C.R.Veena and H. E. Ravi

  9. A Characteristic of Directed Pathos Line Digraph of an Arborescence  By M.C.Mahesh Kumar and H.M.Nagesh

  10.Independent Open Irredundant Colorings of Graphs  By T.Muthulakshmi and M.Subramanian

  11.Different Domination Energies in Graphs  By M.Kamal Kumar, Johnson Johan Jayersy and R.Winson

  12.Product Cordial Labeling of Extensions of Barbell Graph  By A. S.K.Patel, U.M.Prajapati and A.N.Kansagara


  This issue will also be published in its book format with an ISBN number.