The Vol.1, 2019 of IJMC with its book format is released TODAY

 The Vol.1, 2019 of IJMC with its book format is released TODAY. There are 12 papers published in this issue, including


Paper 1: Harmonic Flows Dynamics on Animals in Microscopic Level with Balance Recovery By Linfan MAO

Paper 2: Null Quaternionic Slant Helices in Minkowski Spaces By T.Kahraman

Paper 3: Unique Metro Domination Number of Circulant Graphs By B. Sooryanarayana and John Sherra

Paper 4: On Hemi-Slant Submanifold of Kenmotsu Manifold By Chhanda Patra, Barnali Laha and Arindam Bhattacharyya

Paper 5: The Number of Rooted Nearly 2-Regular Loopless Planar Maps By Shude Long and Junliang Cai

Paper 6: A Note on Common Fixed Points for (ψ, α, β)-Weakly Contractive Mappings in Generalized Metric Space By Krishnadhan Sarkar and Kalishankar Tiwary

Paper 7: Zk-Magic Labeling of Cycle of Graphs By P.Jeyanthi and K.Jeya Daisy

Paper 8: Topological Efficiency Index of Some Composite Graphs By K.Pattabiraman and T.Suganya

Paper 9: Total Domination Stable Graphs By Shyama M.P. and Anil Kumar V

Paper 10: Centered Triangular Mean Graphs By P.Jeyanthi, R.Kalaiyarasi and D.Ramya

Paper 11: New Families of Odd Mean Graphs By G.Pooranam, R.Vasuki and S.Suganthi

Paper 12: F-Root Square Mean Labeling of Some Graphs By R.Gopi