Vol.4,2017 of IJMC is Realeased Today

 Vol.4,2017 of IJMC is Released Today


Today, the Vol.4,2017 of the journal: International journal of Mathematical Combinatorial (ISSN 1937-1055, Founded in 2007, Quarterly) is released today. You can download it freely in the column: International J.Math.Combin. in http://www.mathcombin.com now. There are 13 papers published in this issue following:

1.Direct Product of Multigroups and Its Generalization by P.A. Ejegwa and A.M. Ibrahim
2. Hilbert Flow Spaces with Operators over Topological Graphs by Linfan MAO
3. β-Change of Finsler Metric by h-Vector and Imbedding Classes of Their Tangent Spaces by O.P.Pandey and H.S.Shukla
4. A Note on Hyperstructres and Some Applications byB.O.Onasanya
5. A Class of Lie-admissible Algebras by Qiuhui Mo, Xiangui Zhao and Qingnian Pan
6. Intrinsic Geometry of the Special Equations in Galilean 3-Space Gby Handan Oztekin and Sezin Aykurt Sepet
7. Some Lower and Upper Bounds on the Third ABC Co-index by Deepak S. Revankar, Priyanka S. Hande, Satish P. Hande and Vijay Teli
8. The k-Distance Degree Index of Corona, Neighborhood Corona Products and Join of
Graphs by Ahmed M. Naji and Soner Nandappa D
9. On Terminal Hosoya Polynomial of Some Thorn Graphs by Harishchandra S.Ramane, Gouramma A.Gudodagi and Raju B.Jummannaver
10. On the Distance Eccentricity Zagreb Indeices of Graphs by Akram Alqesmah, Anwar Alwardi and R. Rangarajan
11. Clique-to-Clique Monophonic Distance in Graphs by I. Keerthi Asir and S. Athisayanathan
12. Some Parameters of Domination on the Neighborhood Graph by M. H. Akhbari, F. Movahedi and S. V. R. Kulli
13. Primeness of Supersubdivision of Some Graphs  by Ujwala Deshmukh and Smita A. Bhatavadeka