The Volume 4, 2023 of International J.Math.Combin. is Released Today

The Volume 4 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics in 2023 is released Today, which can be found in the column of International J.Math.Combin.

There are 10 papers published in this issue:

1. *-Ricci Tensor on Generalized Sasakian-Space-Form by P.G.Angadi, R.Rajendra, P.Siva Kota Reddy, G.S.Shivaprasanna and G.Somashekhara

2. Number of Spanning Trees of Sequence of Some Families of Graphs That Have the Same

Average Degree and Their Entropies by S. N. Daoud and Mohammed Aljohani

3. A Study on Constant and Regular Hesitancy Fuzzy Soft Graphs by L.Subha lakshmi and N.R.Santhi Maheswari 

4. On Infinitesimal Transformation in a Finsler Space by Rajesh Kr. Srivastava

5. An Explicit Formula for the Number of Subgroup Chains of the Group Zpn*A3 by

Mike Ogiugo, M. EniOluwafe, Amit Sehgal, S. A. Adebisi and P. A. Adetunji 

6. Classiffication of the Defining Equations of Flag Varieties Fln(C) by Musa Makanjuola and Praise Adeyemo

7. Further Results on Super (a; d) Edge-Antimagic Graceful Labeling of Graphs by P.Krishnaveni 

8. A Note on Congruences for the Sum of Squares and Triangular Numbers by Sumit Kumar Jha, J. Lopez-Bonilla, R. Rajendra and P. Siva Kota Reddy

9. Pair Di erence Cordial Labeling of Double Cone, Double Step Grid, Double Arrow and

Shell Related Graphs by R. Ponraj and A. Gayathri

10. A Mathematical Modal for Bingham Flow Properties of Blood in Narrow Tapered Tube

by Arun Kumar Pandey and V. K. Chaubey