Volume 1,2024 of IJMC is released TODAY

Volume 1,2024 of IJMC is released TODAY

   The Volume 1,2024 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics (ISSN 1937-1055) is released today. In this issue, there are 9 papers published, including

1.Mathematical Combinatorics--My Philosophy Promoted on Science Interna-

tionally By Linfan MAO, which is a surveying paper on mathematical depiction of recognition.

2.Semi-Invariant Submanifolds of (; )-Contact Manifold Admitting Semi-Sym-

metric Metric Connection By M.S. Siddesha and C.S. Bagewadi .

3.On the M-polynomial and Degree-Based Topological Indices of Dandelion Graph By H. M. Nagesh and M. C. Mahesh Kumar.

4.Some Inequalities for the Entire Sombor Index By N. Harish and B. Chaluvaraju .

5.Decomposition of Tensor Product of Complete Graphs into Connected Unicyclic Bipartite Graphs with Eight Edges By S. Duraimurugan and A. Muthusamy.

6.Second Order Connectivity Indices of Some Chemical Trees By Jingling Fang, Jie Li, Li Li and Zhen Lin .

7.Several Fundamental Findings on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Strong $\emptyset$-b-Normed Linear Spaces By Ram Milan Singh .

8.Some New Results on 4-Total Mean Cordial Graphs By R. Ponraj, S.Subbulakshmi and M.Sivakumar.

9.Graph Coloring, Types and Applications: A Survey By Sunil B. Thakare and Haribhau R. Bhapkar, which surveies rencent developing in graph coloring, types and applications with new problems in this field of graph theory.

This issue can be download  freely in the International J.Math.Combin.  column on website of International Academy of Mathematical Combinatorics, i.e., www.mathcombin.com today and also  http://fs.unm.edu/IJMC/Articles.htm  in the New MexicoUniversity in recent days.