The Vol.2,2017 of International J.Math.Combin is released TODAY

 Today, the volume 2 of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics (ISSN 1937-1055) is released, which can be download freely in Academy of Mathematical Combinatorics & Applications(AMCA,



There 13 papers published in this issue with titles following:


  1. A New Approach on the Striction Curves Belonging to Bertrandian Frenet
    Ruled Surfaces By Suleyman Senyurt, Abdussamet Caliskan

  2. Mathematical Combinatorics with Natural Reality By Linfan MAO

  3. The First Zagreb Index, Vertex-Connectivity, Minimum Degree and
    Independent Number in Graphs By Zhongzhu Liu, Yizhi Chen and Siyan Li

  4. D-Conformal Curvature Tensor in Generalized (κ, μ)-Space Forms
    By Barnali Laha

  5. Spectrum of (k, r) - Regular Hypergraphs By K Reji Kumar and Renny P Varghese

  6. On the Spacelike Parallel Ruled Surfaces with Darboux Frame
    By Muradiye Cimdiker and Cumali Ekici

  7. Rainbow Connection Number in the Brick Product Graphs C(2n,m, r)
    By K.Srinivasa Rao and R.Murali

  8. Mannheim Partner Curve a Different View
    By Suleyman Senyurt, Yasin Altun and Ceyda Cevahir

  9. F-Root Square Mean Labeling of Graphs Obtained From Paths
    By S. Arockiaraj, A. Durai Baskar and A. Rajesh Kannan

  10. Some More 4-Prime Cordial Graphs By R.Ponraj, Rajpal Singh and R.Kala

  11. Some Results on α-graceful Graphs By H M Makadia, H M Karavadiya and V J Kaneria

  12. Supereulerian Locally Semicomplete Multipartite Digraphs
    By Feng Liu, Zeng-Xian Tian, Deming Li

  13. Non-Existence of Skolem Mean Labeling for Five Star By A.Manshath, V.Balaji, P.Sekar and M.Elakkiya